Our Philosophy

To strive towards excellence by establishing high academic standards.

Here in Seri Mulia Sarjana School we provide every child with a basic integrated education and more. As educators it is our goal to provide an academically challenging curriculum that meets the needs of our students' development in a positive, safe, and nurturing climate where students are expected to maintain a high level of academic and behavioural expectations.

A wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are made available to our students. We believe that it is important to educate the whole child, in alignment with our vision of Total Education for All. We strive to instill joy and enthusiasm for learning in our students.

We believe that each child is an individual that learns in his/her own way at his/her own pace. We strive to create an open and trusting atmosphere that provides our children with full opportunities to express how they feel, to directly ask what they want, to question, voice their opinions, and to resolve conflicts. With a strong academic base, a love for learning, and good communication skills, we are certain that the students will be prepared for whatever they encounter in their future. Our paramount aim is to prepare them through increasing self-reliance, to contribute positively and significantly to a world in constant flux.

Celebrating 25 Glorious Years - An SMSS Documentary

Our Official Logo


Logo Symbols

BLUE: symbolises peace and nobility of Negara Brunei Darussalam

RED: symbolises ambition and the zeal to excel

WHITE: symbolises purity of soul and innocence of youth

BOOK AND PEN: symbolises learning and acquisition of knowledge

YELLOW LEAVES: connotes the leadership quality that the school would like to develop in her students (i.e. in accordance to the principles of "Melayu Islam Beraja") and His Majesty's Government.

THE TORCH: epitomises the aim of the school in giving her students a bright future with the power of knowledge and sound moral values.