Preschool Programme

Preparing your child for a future of boundless possibilities.

In Seri Mulia Sarjana School Preschool, we believe that each child is an individual that learns in his/her own way and at his/her own pace. With great demands on knowledge, skills, and understanding of our fast-growing economy, our Preschool leads to establish a firm foundation on which continuing education can be built.

We strive to provide holistic educational experience that creates an open and trusting atmosphere with full opportunities to realise their personal goals. We nurture the children to develop adaptability, enquiry, resilience, morality, cooperation, thoughtfulness, communication, and respect.

Our IPC Early Years programme operates in all three modalities - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic in enriching environments full of activities that are intended to enhance children's total development in a secure and warm environment to allow each child to enjoy all the different types of learning abilities and reach his/her maximum potential through play, hands-on activities and interaction with others.

In support of the Ministry of Education, SPN 21 vision and mission in providing a holistic education for each child, the learning strands through IPC for Early Years prepare them for jobs and a life in the future that no one has yet to imagine especially in the fields of technology and sciences.

We flourish and cultivate students’ multiple intelligences bringing about the confidence and whole roundedness of each individual through opportunities for children to be involved in a brain-friendly approach of learning which is geared to the knowledge, understanding, and skills that the child should acquire for lifelong learning.


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