Sarjammer Guide

Sarjammer - Bringing The Sarjana Community Within Reach

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched SECoNS or the Sarjana E-communications Network Services. Among the services is Sarjammer. This is a tool utilising Yammer - Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network utility that we tailored to cater to the school’s needs; thus the name Sarjammer (Sarjana+Yammer). Sarjammer makes it easier for the school and parents to reach out to each other, providing simple, fast, flexible, convenient and eco-friendly solution to communicating. You will be receiving push notifications on your mobile device and your email each time we post announcements, reminders and others.


  1. Accept the Sarjammer Network invitation we sent to your email.
    Sarjammer Step 1
  2. Create your profile.
    1. Update your name
    2. Set a password
    3. Indicate your job title if you preferSarjammer Step 2
  3. In the Join Relevant Groups – just click next. Your account is pre-assigned to join the Sarjammer Network.Sarjammer Step 3
  4. Add your photo to your profile.Sarjammer Step 4
  5. Accept the Sarjammer usage policySarjammer Step 5
  6. You’re done! You will now see the Sarjammer page where you can read posts and announcements from school. You can also interact with us in the different public Sarjammer groups that we have created by joining a group.Sarjammer Step 6


Start receiving notifications on your mobile device.

  1. Download the Yammer app from your mobile device’s App marketplace and install Yammer.
    Going Mobile Step 1
  2. Login to Yammer
    Going MObile Step 2

  3. Keep your account logged in at all times to receive notifications from the Sarjammer Network and keep up with announcements and reminders from the school.
    Goig Mobile Step 3


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