Primary Programme

Nurtured in an environment that encourages the desire to succeed.

When it comes to preparing your child, you expect the best and this is where we become your partner in laying the foundation towards your child’s bright future. This section caters for the Lower Primary Level from Year 1 to Year 3; whereas the Upper Primary Level caters for Year 4 to Year 6.

As we build on the children’s existing knowledge and rich linguistic experiences, we also focus and assist in developing increased competence in the use of language arts, speaking and listening, reading and writing. Problem solving and number relationships are emphasized to assist children to manipulate and internalize mathematical concepts.

Children are exposed to Social Sciences where they observe, appreciate and develop respect; and become aware of different ideas and cultures around the world, past and present. The children are also introduced to weekly sessions to explore, observe, experiment and develop the skills they will need to move further in science programmes.

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